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with Czarina Aggabao Thelen


Professional Coach for Creative Changemakers

Hello Creative Changemaker!

Imagine that…


  • Instead of feeling stressed, you wake up every day energized to take action on your big vision.

  • You’re so in love with your project that you’re putting yourself out there to make things happen (even if there’s fear of failure)

  • You have a career that stimulates you and unleashes your creative energy.

  • Rather than feeling isolated, you feel fulfilled and connected to the people and vision you’re serving.

  • You have time to take care of yourself in a compassionate way.

  • Instead of letting more opportunities pass you by, you’re moving towards your dreams.

I can help you with this.

Czarina Aggabao Thelen - Rise To Your Life

My name is Czarina.

I’m a professional coach for Creative Changemakers.

I empower women who feel stressed and stuck

to feel confident

and lit up with creative joy and possibility.

Because when women thrive,

we send a ripple that helps our loved ones and communities

to thrive too.


Czarina helped me see more possibilities in my future at a time when I was feeling lost.

Before, I was feeling disillusioned about finding a job that I could believe in that doesn’t burn you out.  Since I started coaching, a lot has changed!

  • I’m excited about what I bring to the table and what I need from my work environment.
  • I know what my priorities are in my life.
  • I am feeling confident about major life and location decisions.
  • I’m engaging in things I care about and working towards change.

Thank you, Czarina, for being a great listener and asking the right questions to challenge me to think about things differently.  It has been incredibly refreshing to speak with someone who just gets it.  I don’t have to overly explain myself and I feel heard and understood.

Courtney Koger

Community Organizer, Austin, TX

I feel empowered. I’ve written more for my dissertation in the last 2 weeks than in months!

I started coaching so that I can enjoy the dissertation process and feel good about the extreme challenges of being a scholar.  I didn’t like the fatigue I was feeling before.

Now I feel energized and excited - like I have "jump-started" my writing flow.  I’m so energized that I’ve almost completely rewritten and restructured one of my chapters!  

I got back to the material that excites me.  It reminded me of all the work that I’ve already brought to my project. I’m not ignoring or submitting to blocks anymore.  I’m feeling more creative joy in my work.

Now I feel more confident and am focused on manifesting movement/growth in as many ways as I can - not losing myself in the enormity of my project.

M'bewe Escobar

Ph.D. Candidate, Former Faculty at Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation in NYC, (and original FAME cast member!), Austin, TX

I have shown up more courageously in my life.

I love your questions! They are really good for me as a bounce-back.

You can razor-focus and call me on things. I really appreciate the way that you do it!


Kimberley McAdams

Leadership Development Specialist, www.miick.com;, Calgary, Canada

Becoming the mom and wife I’ve wanted to be

Every session with Czarina felt like I was talking with a long-time friend. She infused our sessions with her thoughtful, gentle, and yet challenging style, pushing me to examine the relationship that I have with myself above all else. In working with Czarina, I made peace with some painful periods from my past and took many leaps forward in becoming the mom and wife I envisioned I could be! I feel very blessed to have worked with such a skilled and spirited coach.

Julie Evans

Clinical Counselor, Victoria, B.C., Canada

More grounded in who I am and what I want for myself.

As a result of Czarina’s coaching, my vision for my life feels exciting, full of possibility, and very true to me. 

For the first time in a while, I’m feeling hopeful. I’ve let go of unhealthy patterns in my relationship. I’m able to stand on my own and be confident in that.

I have good tools to bring myself back when my thoughts spiral in a negative direction. I feel a lot less overwhelmed and anxious. I definitely feel a shift in how I feel physically and emotionally. Now I’m able to sit with things more and not feel so overwhelmed by them.

My thinking is more positive, and that’s energizing. I feel more peaceful and calm. I feel like I’m in such a different place now!


Age 31


Casa de Luz
Time Out
University of Texas at Austin - Multicultural Engagement Center



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