Helping women get unstuck and go for their dreams

with Czarina Thelen, Ph.D.

Imagine that…

  • Instead of feeling stressed, you wake up every day energized to take action on your big vision.
  • You’re so in love with your project that you’re putting yourself out there to make things happen (even if there's fear of failure)
  • You have a career that stimulates you and unleashes your creative energy.
  • Rather than feeling isolated, you feel fulfilled and connected to the people and vision you’re serving.
  • You have time to take care of yourself in a compassionate way.
  • Instead of letting more opportunities pass you by, you’re moving towards your dreams.

Let me help you go for your dream.




(Even if you don't know where to start)

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My Coaching Has Changed Lives

    As a result of my coaching, my clients have:
      • Graduated with Ph.D.s,
      • Landed their dream jobs,
      • Made bold international moves,
      • Launched original artistic projects, and
      • Grown thriving businesses after being stuck -- even while raising young children!

Here's What Women Have Said About Working With Me:

The desires I was too afraid to look at

My initial hesitation was around the word "coaching."  It felt corporate and something that wouldn't fit who I truly am and who I want to be.  I wondered if this field was just a way for people to make money while doing other things.

I couldn't have been more wrong. I would say Czarina has a soul connection to this work and I can see her mind and heart deep at work in the sessions as she guides me expertly and as if connected to something very deep.

Czarina has an uncanny ability to listen deeply and excise the heart of the issue.  My fear, doubt, and internalized oppression would confuse me and make me feel hopeless. In each session Czarina brought me right back to my true, inner calling and the desires I was too afraid to look at.

As a result of Czarina’s coaching, I have a stronger and clearer connection to my deeper self and I can touch down with that more often in the week. I remember the things we unearthed in the sessions and I can remind myself of the larger goals when things feel too big or too complicated.

I was blown away by the session where I got to uncover the pain and hurt that I was hiding (even to myself) around being an actor of color in a completely racist industry.  I felt (for the first time ever, maybe) the tremendous disappointment, regret, and grief.

The main reason I  recommend Czarina is expertise. As someone who takes my own work very seriously, I expect others to bring their “A game” to whatever they do. Czarina definitely gives you her all -- mind, spirit, and energy. She listens deeply and with a great deal of attention to what you are and aren't saying.

Thank you, Czarina, for your dedication, love, and gentle guidance as we watered the parts of myself that were dried, achy, and in need of light.

-- Kayhan Irani, Artist, 2016 White House Champion of Change,
and 2010 NY Emmy Award Recipient.
Jackson Heights, NY,

Kayhan Irani, 2016 White House Champion

Czarina helped me see more possibilities in my future at a time when I was feeling lost.

Before, I was feeling disillusioned about finding a job that I could believe in that doesn’t burn you out. 

I tried talking to a therapist, but there was just so much to explain about why I was feeling disillusioned.  Luckily, as a coach Czarina was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. 

Since I started coaching, a lot has changed!

  • I'm excited about what I bring to the table and what I need from my work environment.
  • I know what my priorities are in my life.
  • I am feeling confident about major life and location decisions.
  • I’m engaging in things I care about and working towards change.

Thank you, Czarina, for being a great listener and asking the right questions to challenge me to think about things differently.  It has been incredibly refreshing to speak with someone who just gets it.  I don’t have to overly explain myself and I feel heard and understood.

-- Courtney Koger, Community Organizer, Austin, TX

Clarity is GOLD for getting unblocked.

Get re-charged with clarity to jumpstart your next stage.

I’m making time for what matters to me

Before I began one-to-one coaching with Czarina, life was unfocused and confusing. Disappointing. Lots of battles in my everyday.

What I’ve found most helpful about the coaching process is:

  • Having someone listen for a long period of time.
  • Having accountability in knowing I’m going to have to voice my concerns and questions every two weeks.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that life and work cannot be separate. Life gets in the way and needs to be dealt with before work can thrive. Czarina’s coaching helped me do that.

I am now committed to working on my art/business for a set amount of time each day.

Before, I didn’t know what to do to move forward with my career. Now when I have two hours to myself, I have a list of things to work on to advance my career. I feel a lot of direction.

Now I have food for my mind and soul. I’m excited about GOING PRO even further!

Thank you, Czarina, for being so positive when I was a ball of negativity and roadblocks.

If you’re thinking about participating in a life coaching program, my recommendation is: Do it! It’s so great!

-- Katie Conley,  Fine Art Paintings and Home Staging Professional (Katie Conley Creative), Austin, TX

I feel empowered. I’ve written more for my dissertation in the last 2 weeks than in months!

I started coaching so that I can enjoy the dissertation process and feel good about the extreme challenges of being a scholar.  I didn’t like the fatigue I was feeling before.

Now I feel energized and excited - like I have "jump-started" my writing flow.  I’m so energized that I’ve almost completely rewritten and restructured one of my chapters!  

I got back to the material that excites me.  It reminded me of all the work that I’ve already brought to my project. I’m not ignoring or submitting to blocks anymore.  I’m feeling more creative joy in my work.

Now I feel more confident and am focused on manifesting movement/growth in as many ways as I can - not losing myself in the enormity of my project.

-- M'bewe Escobar, Ph.D.(c),  Visiting Scholar, former faculty at Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation in NYC, 
and original FAME cast member; Austin, TX

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Ready to get unstuck

and go for your dream?

(Even if you don’t know where to start!)


FREE 4-Part Training

This $97 Package (Audio mp3 + e-Workbook)

is my gift to you!

* = required field