I was overwhelmed and feeling that I wasn't doing anything well

I didn't have free time to dedicate to my business, nor the clarity or the money for childcare/homeschooling support.  I was riddled with fear.

Czarina, what I love about your coaching process is that yours is not a fix-it approach, but rather: BE with what this is. To unravel it with journaling or meditation.  It’s a beautiful practice – I can’t tell you.

Oh my goodness, the growth and transformation just in the past few months is astounding – both internal and external.

Work is really flowing. Exciting opportunities have been flowing.  I make decisions with relative ease.

Life feels rich and incredibly potent. If there are questions, the answers come quickly.

I feel on purpose. I feel powerful, joyful, and I feel so very very free. It’s a feeling that last week had me streaming with tears.

YES!!!!! Woweee, my big dreams for my life are really not light years away.

I am doing work that is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling. I’m paving the way for financial freedom, with plenty of opportunities in the next few months.

I’m proud of myself for sticking to this. For showing up and choosing to grow even when it’s uncomfortable.  For viewing this - - all of it! – as a fun exploration,  a deep dive: “Let’s go and find some treasure!”

Thank you for your incredible wisdom and your ability to see what I can’t see. Thank you for holding such a wonderful space for me to be vulnerable – I really feel like I can bring ALL of me to you, every little bit. I don’t know that I bring this much of me to anyone

Now I’m in this place inside me, dancing with life, trusting and surrendering at every turn, being open to what comes my way. I’m so excited about where it might take me, in all areas of my life.

-- Vanessa Teklenburg, Writer, Homeschooling Mamapreneur, Workshop leader; Central Coast, NSW, Australia

(Testimonial about second coaching series)

Now I am excited to share my ideas so that I can create bigger things!

Before beginning Czarina’s coaching program, I was feeling stuck in my creative process and daunted by applying to gallery shows and opportunities that I know I am capable of achieving. I was feeling disconnected from my creative self.

As a result of coaching:

  • I have been practicing having a large goal and putting effort into it every day or two.
  • I have been doing what makes me feel alive and happy in the world.
  • And I have been making strides in dismantling old fears about being as large and as bright of an artist as I am.

It was big for me to talk about creating a professional path that feels genuine to me without having negative feelings about it. It has helped to look at the fears and doubts & then do the work anyway.

I feel much less intimidation around application processes, and I have actually begun to enjoy working on them! It makes me feel excited to share my work and excited to apply to other art opportunities as well.

Even art-business work that I usually avoid has been calling to me.  For example, I did a little work on my website for the first time in months yesterday. Usually someone has to tell me to do it!

I wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you have put in with me. I really feel that you have been an integral part of the process of re-mapping my feelings and emotional responses to the application process especially. So THANK YOU. I appreciate you and your work!

-- Gigi Grinstad, Multi-media artist and painter, Austin, TX

Clarity is GOLD for getting unblocked.

Get re-charged with clarity to jumpstart your next stage.


I have shown up more courageously in my life.

I love your questions! They are really good for me as a bounce-back.

You can razor-focus and call me on things. I really appreciate the way that you do it!

-- Kimberley McAdams, Leadership Development Specialist,

Becoming the mom and wife I’ve wanted to be

Every session with Czarina felt like I was talking with a long-time friend. She infused our sessions with her thoughtful, gentle, and yet challenging style, pushing me to examine the relationship that I have with myself above all else. In working with Czarina, I made peace with some painful periods from my past and took many leaps forward in becoming the mom and wife I envisioned I could be! I feel very blessed to have worked with such a skilled and spirited coach.

-- Julie Evans, Clinical Counselor, Victoria, B.C., Canada


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