You have dreams and talent.
You don't like to settle.
You want to make a difference.

I can help you go for your dreams.

Hello!  I'm Dr. Czarina Thelen (pronounced “Sarina”).

I have coached women changemakers from four continents and led workshops internationally for over 16 years.

I give my clients incredible tools to reach their dreams, even when they are scared, exploring, or don’t know what step to take first.

Because when women thrive,
we send a ripple that helps our loved ones and communities to thrive too.

It’s painful to stifle your creative gifts and larger vision for what looks like financial security.  

As a coach, I shine a light on your natural brilliance and guide you to transform burn-out into a creatively free, self-directed life path that stimulates your genius and talents

How does this happen?  First, I work with a select number of clients so that I can design each coaching session to be a container for your growth and possibility.  Everything you share is safe and confidential.  You will feel a stimulating clarity as we paint a full, focused picture of where you are now and where you want to go.  You will experience powerful insights as we hone in on what’s most important to you in your life and career.  You will gain more confidence as your precious ideas and hunches are given dedicated time to bloom.  You will feel a surge of energy and motivation as we dissolve old stagnant patterns and blocks that have been holding you back.  At the end of the call, you will envision a broader landscape of possibility for yourself as we talk through your next steps.

Throughout my career, I have sought to understand how people overcome tremendous obstacles in order to make visionary change.  I have been awarded multiple prestigious fellowships for this work.  Upon graduating from Brown University, this quest took me to Guatemala to accompany Maya refugees as they rebuilt their village after genocide.  There was no running water or electricity, and the closest phone was a day’s travel away.  And yet, in this village I found meaning and community.  I received generosity at candle-lit meals, helping hands on slippery mud paths, and heard life-changing stories of human resilience after genocide.  

Impacted for life, I returned home to lead an organizing campaign of hundreds of mothers to turn around failing schools in the South Bronx.  My activist doctoral research probes the power of the arts in calling up the human spirit to dream. 

Now, through my signature coaching programs, I catalyze creative changemakers to rise to their calling, even when it feels like risking everything.   I teach clients to bring focus, clarity, and drive to their deep-vision projects.  As a result, my clients experience life-changing transformations.

Mentors and clients have said that I am a groundbreaking powerhouse who is courageous, resourceful, and filled with integrity.  They have called me a risk-taker and truth-seeker who is connected to her soul.  One client noted, “Czarina's insights jolted me right out of my seat!

Just so you know... my favorite place to get lost is in the Latin America library collection.  You can find me taking digital sabbaticals with my family in the wilderness.

Empowering women for creative social change - Czarina Aggabao Thelen


Ready to get unstuck and go for your dreams?

Deep down you know: It’s not worth ignoring your dreams anymore. In our coaching sessions, you’ll explore possibilities, fears, opportunities, and mindset shifts. You’ll learn to offer your gifts to the world in a way that provides deep fulfillment.


In my signature 3 month private coaching program, you will:

  • Discover the work that you love, so that you feel unleashed to pursue your calling.
  • Reprogram your fears, insecurities, and habits so that you can make bolder choices that are more aligned with your larger life purpose.
  • Develop strategies and timelines to get from where you are now to doing work that lights you up.
  • Bring openness and intimacy to the relationships that mean the most to you.
  • Get back in touch with your hunger, so that you become unstoppable (knowing from inside, “YES! This is what I want!” and GOING FOR IT!)

This 3 month private coaching program includes:

  • Private coaching sessions on Skype or over the phone
  • Customized action steps to complete between sessions, including exercises and journaling prompts
  • Personal Assessments to bring awareness to your possibilities and growth
  • Tailored guided meditations to give you specific support meeting you exactly where you are
  • Personalized somatics exercises to integrate your mind, heart, and body
  • Loving Accountability to keep you moving forward when you would normally get stuck
  • Cheerleading and championing of YOU to leverage your highest potential!

Ready to Get Unstuck and Live Your Calling?

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Before I started coaching with Czarina, I viewed everything as a struggle.

I was staying stuck, swirling in the same beliefs about struggle. Now I'm much quicker to bounce back into a more empowered state of viewing my life.

As I've expanded and grown, so has my business. I earned a 65% increase in revenue in my business’ initial stages!

Czarina had a way of getting to the important stuff and making me feel like we were working on just the right thing. Impeccably professional, Czarina has warmth and a heart-centered, intuitive approach. The specific results I’ve had since working with Czarina are :

  • More connection with and guidance from my inner wisdom.
  • More work coming in; doing more of what I love.
  • More ease and laughter in my relationship with my husband.
  • Committing and following through until the end.
  • I'm not giving myself a hard time for a change!

Had I not worked with Czarina, I would most probably have stayed stuck. I very much doubt my business would have had the success it has had.

The insights she shared with me specifically around relationships were incredible – a couple jolted me right out of my seat at the time!

Thank you, Czarina, for being courageous to kindly and lovingly poke me in the right places.

-- Vanessa Teklenburg, Writer, Homeschooling Mamapreneur, Workshop leader; Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Working with Czarina has been groundbreaking for me in my life.

I had a wound that was always open.  The meditative practices that Czarina facilitated throughout our sessions have been very helpful in my journey to healing. I’ve utilized those techniques to help me in difficult times -- when I’m feeling depressed, alone, confused, or worried.

Working with Czarina has made me more aware of my own energy and what I need to do to heal and not ignore any pain that I have not let go of throughout my life. Because when pain is ignored and not looked at face-on or understood, it can become very confusing and detrimental to the relationships we have with others and with ourselves.

I’m proud of myself for taking risks to fulfill my own happiness. Czarina has truly helped me to embrace my own light and really honor myself for carrying and spreading my powerful medicine.

What’s been most valuable to me throughout this process is having a mentor. Czarina facilitates the understanding of my emotions, in a holistic way -- honoring the spirit, mind, body, and corazón.

Czarina has brought so much more stability and balance to my life. Our sessions have allowed me to really process my feelings and not just rush through life while ignoring or running away from them. She has also encouraged me to be committed to understanding who I am and who I want to be, and is helping me to manifest that.

Since coaching with Czarina, I have never felt more connected to myself, to the Earth and to my ancestors. This process is truly a blessing!

-- Naomi Caballero, Women's Health Researcher & Dancer, Austin, TX

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